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What’s up in the world of franchise?

Do you want to start with a franchise formula or open a franchise location? Do you want to grow with your own franchise concept? In all cases it’s nice to know that you’re able to make use of the knowledge and experience of professionals. There are a lot of opportunities to expand so it’s important that you make the right decisions. The Franchise Support Group can offer you their assistance and help you out with all your questions related to franchise. You are at the right place when you need custom-made consultancy provided by an experienced firm. Don’t hesitate and call us for a first introduction.

Clear agreements are a must in your franchise contract

When you start franchising it is important to create and write down all agreements that have been made between the franchisee and the franchise owner (formula). This way, both parties understand their rights and obligations for participating. Allowing the franchisee to make use of the franchise brand is one of the core elements of the franchise agreement, but there are other key components that you should be aware of, for example:

  • agreements regarding the purchase of products or services;
  • agreements about the building/real estate and ensuring a suitable location;
  • arrangements regarding the company’s house style and facilities;
  • cooperation conditions between franchise owner and franchisee;
  • administration and process automation agreements and,
  • allocation of responsibilities and quality assurance.

Custom made consultancy

From the start we are highly involved with you and your franchise company. Our purpose is to provide you with custom made franchise advice in each stage of your process. In addition, we closely cooperate with dedicated partners that have considerable experience with starting, supervising and expanding franchise formulas. Together we will evaluate what is best for you and your franchise formula.


Become a successful franchise concept

Look around and you’ll see a lot of successful formulas. What is the secret of their success? First of all, all franchisees are dedicated to the formula. They believe in the system and are highly committed. Therefore, the franchise owner has to listen to their franchisees, they must know its own sector like no one else and especially: Stay ahead for the competition and respond adequately to global and local trends! The formula must be unique and strong. Franchising is one of the most successful ways of cooperation in several industries because working together is a rewarding way to do business, but you have to invest in your formula.

Your questions, our know how!

As a franchise consultancy firm, we use clear language and offer practical support. We aim at providing you with both franchise-advise and practical guidelines to ensure that you can develop a successful franchise formula that is able to deliver the right message to your clients. When you want to become a franchisee, we can offer you support to find the right match, so you are ensured that you are connected with an honest formula. Let’s meet and find out how we can help you out.

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